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I have had to do a lot of research into the Victorian Age to write Dr. Wendell Howe's Twitter site and to write my novels. A lot of people following me are also interested in Victorian research for a book they are writing, but also for steampunk costuming, etc. So when I run across a great site I will post it here. If you find something, feel free to let me know in the comments, or contact me on Twitter at @Scablander or email me at Jeanette@scablander.com.

Friday, August 1, 2014

1876 Victorian England Revisited (A Time Travel Adventure)

Elisabeth Prescott Ashton takes you back to a Victorian Middle class home. With the help of her family and staff, she escorts you through the house. She also goes into great detail about Victorian culture, etiquette, pursuits and even takes you on walking tours through London. There is also a large list of links and bibliography for the truly serious researcher. And once you have become an expert you can download your very own Honorary Victorian Certificate!

This is a fun site with an almost game like feel. (Kids would love it.) However the creator, Betty Malheiro, has taken great pains to be thorough and accurate on the Victorian era. You feel like you really have time traveled.

Click here to visit 1876 Victorian England

Monday, June 30, 2014

All Things Victorian

Victoriana Lady Lisa
(photo swiped from her website)
The All Things Victorian series is a study of Victorian as well as Edwardian culture and history. It is produced by Passion Projects, the brainchild of Lisa Griffiths and John Grant. Both are authors and Victorian history geeks. Victoriana Lady Lisa appears as a reenactor and lecturer with her traveling Victorian museum. She is also the author of International Steampunk Fashions. John’s passion is photographing old cemeteries full of Victorian statuary. They are now producing a delightful series called All Things Victorian for Cape Ann Television, a non-profit community access station in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Rather than making us all move to Gloucester, John has been kind enough to post the programs on YouTube so the entire world can watch.

Lisa’s knowledge of the era is phenomenal. She has been collecting antiques and reading on the period since she was a little kid. But rather than just showing off her own talent she also brings others onto the program to share their own collections and expertise. Each show narrows in on subject such as Victorian superstitions, fashions and accessories. She has already promised us more. I can’t wait!

John Grant’s YouTube channel featuring both All Things Victorian, as well as his cemetery photography

Lisa’s website: All Things Victorian 

International Steampunk Fashions by Victoriana Lady Lisa

Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone by John Thomas Grant