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I have had to do a lot of research into the Victorian Age to write Dr. Wendell Howe's Twitter site and to write my novels. A lot of people following me are also interested in Victorian research for a book they are writing, but also for steampunk costuming, etc. So when I run across a great site I will post it here. If you find something, feel free to let me know in the comments, or contact me on Twitter at @Scablander or email me at Jeanette@scablander.com.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Victorian Days

I stumbled across a site called "Victorian Days." It is an offshoot of www.AngelPig.net. Apparently it started out as a Barbecue site, that branched out into Southern culture and then got into Victorian society. Rather than the meandering endeavor this might imply, I'm thinking it's a genius with too much in their brain to stay focused on just one subject.

The Victorian sideline is more extensive than most folks would attempt as a mainline. The site map shows dozens of subjects on Victorian culture and etiquette. Each has at the bottom of its page more detailed articles on the topic. I'm not sure how many items there are, but you could spend all day reading. They are well written and appear to be well researched.

Here is the link: Victorian Days site map