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I have had to do a lot of research into the Victorian Age to write Dr. Wendell Howe's Twitter site and to write my novels. A lot of people following me are also interested in Victorian research for a book they are writing, but also for steampunk costuming, etc. So when I run across a great site I will post it here. If you find something, feel free to let me know in the comments, or contact me on Twitter at @Scablander or email me at Jeanette@scablander.com.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Gentleman's Page

Unfortunately most websites on the Victorian male are tongue in cheek. This one is a serious, well researched site. Created by Walter Nelson, the Gentleman's Page is dedicated to the "proper behavior and attire for the 19th Century American Man," and focuses on 1860 to 1900. He also has a collection of vintage photographs he has scanned and posted. The site was created with costumers, performers, and reenactors in mind, so he does go into detail.

Hey, Walter actually does this for a living! (Yes, that's Walter Nelson on the left.) He works with museums, schools, historical societies, etc. and has provided historical expertise to the History Channel, A&E, Showtime and Disney. Here is a segment Walter Nelson did for Pen & Teller's show. Victorian Etiquette

I wonder if Walter knows that he helped "train" Wendell for his work as a Temporal Anthropologist in the Victorian Age?

Link to: The Gentleman's Page

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